Big Updates to Oregon’s Family and Sick Leave Laws You Should Know About!

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Exciting news for employees in Oregon!


On March 2, 2024, the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) underwent significant updates that bring about more inclusivity and support for workers across the state. These changes are a step forward in recognizing the diverse needs of employees and ensuring that Oregon remains a leader in employee rights and welfare.

Expanding the Definition of Pregnancy Disability

One of the key updates includes the expansion of the definition of pregnancy disability within the OFLA regulations. Now, pregnancy termination, fertility, and infertility treatments are recognized under the umbrella of pregnancy disability. This change reflects the recent legislative efforts to broaden the act’s scope, providing more comprehensive coverage for employees undergoing these significant life events.

The OFLA is known for allowing employees of employers with 25 or more employees to take protected time off for various reasons. Eligible employees can utilize OFLA leave for parental leave, serious health condition leave, pregnancy disability leave, sick child leave, and bereavement leave following the death of a family member.

Introduction of “Bias” as a Covered Leave Reason

In addition to the changes in the OFLA, the Oregon Sick Leave regulations have also been updated. A notable addition is the inclusion of “bias” as a covered leave reason. This means that absences due to domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, bias, or stalking (safe leave) are now recognized under the Oregon Sick Leave law. This is a significant update aimed at providing protection and support to employees facing these distressing situations.

Why These Changes Matter

The updates to the OFLA and Oregon Sick Leave regulations are more than just policy changes; they represent a shift towards a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. By acknowledging and providing for the diverse needs of employees, Oregon is setting a standard for employee welfare that other states might well be inspired by.

Whether it’s providing time off for pregnancy-related needs that extend beyond the traditional definitions, or recognizing the impact of bias-related incidents on an employee’s well-being, these changes are about ensuring that employees feel supported and protected by the law.

Looking Ahead

These updates to the OFLA, Oregon Paid Leave Ordinance, and Sick Leave law are discussed in more detail in this compliance reminder. It’s a good read for both employers and employees to fully understand the implications and benefits of these changes.


The state of Oregon continues to lead the way in employee rights, and these updates are a testament to the ongoing commitment to creating a work environment that respects and supports the diverse needs of its workforce. As we move forward, it’s exciting to see how these changes will positively impact the lives of many employees across the state.


For more detailed information on these updates, be sure to check out the BLI 9-2024, OAR 839-009-0210(22)(h), and OAR 839-007-0045 documents. These resources provide a comprehensive overview of the changes and how they might affect you or your business.


Here’s to a more inclusive, supportive, and understanding workplace for all Oregonians!

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