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Boss Calls™
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Thursday, September 7th, 2023 from 1 pm – 2:30 pm CENTRAL

Hey Bosses!!


I literally CANNOT believe how excited I am to announce this Boss Call! On September 7th, 2023, my SPECIAL GUEST EXPERT will be Suzanne Lucas (aka Evil HR Lady)!! (Live from Switzerland)


Suzanne and I will be chatting about a topic that we are both so passionate about: IMPROV YOUR HR!


Nope, I didn’t spell it wrong. LOL



Viola Spolin developed improvisational comedy to help immigrant children communicate with each other. These children came from different backgrounds and spoke different languages at home. Communication was difficult, but she found it wasn’t impossible.


Leadership is communication. But we often speak different languages–do the marketing, IT, and finance teams understand each other? Sometimes, but sometimes this gap is enormous.


Even within teams, communication is difficult. The skills gained in Improv Comedy can help you bridge those communication gaps. Improv is all about learning how to listen and understand what others are doing while getting your message across.


We will be discussing:

  • Basic principles of improv
  • How “Yes, and!” applies to HR
  • Why service is a core function of improv and HR
  • The importance of failing with joy.
  • Game: 5 things!
  • Why you shouldn’t bring your authentic self to work
  • Demonstration of applying different emotions and personality characteristics to a difficult situation


If you have known me for any amount of time, you know about my years performing with professional improv troupes in the US and for the Air Force troops and families during Desert Storm. I am so excited to know that Suzanne has the same passion and appreciation for improv and has applied it to her HR training and education for years.


Tapping differing parts of our brains makes them grow and helps us with problem-solving in all areas. “Yes, and” is the best way to face life. It forces you to move forward instead of focusing on the past. Join us and understand how to use creative ways to make work better.


OH YEAH… This Boss Call is FREE OF CHARGE!


REGISTER HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApdeGorzsqH9E8CR-GLFVJc-A1u4L0LAGq


See you on the Call!

Lisa Smith, SPHR, SCP
EEOC Cert. EEO Investigator

Lisa Smith, SPHR, SHRM – SCP

Certified EEO Investigator (EEOC)

Lead Support and Content Chief – HelpDeskforHR.com

“You cannot be audit-proof, but you can Be Audit-Secure.”

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