California Employers and New Hires: Updated Pamphlets You Need to Know About

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Hey there, California business owners,

There’s some important news from the Golden State that you’ll want to be in the loop about. The State of California has recently made some key updates to two critical pamphlets that are given to new hires. These updates are designed to ensure that you’re well-informed about your rights and responsibilities. Let’s dive into what these changes mean for you.

Updated “Time of Hire” Pamphlet

First off, the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Workers Compensation has refreshed its “Time of Hire” Pamphlet. This essential document is something employers must provide to newly hired employees, and for a good reason. It breaks down the nuts and bolts of what workers’ compensation is, guiding you on how to file a claim and navigate the medical care you might need if you ever find yourself in that situation. It’s a key resource for understanding how you’re protected under California law.

Refreshed “For Your Benefit” Pamphlet

Not stopping there, the Employment Development Department (EDD) has updated its “For Your Benefit” pamphlet, which is another crucial piece of literature that employers need to hand out at the time of hire—and when an employee is discharged. This pamphlet is packed with information about the state-provided benefits available to employees in various situations, such as termination or specific types of leave. It covers everything from how to obtain unemployment insurance and the tax requirements for unemployment benefits to a rundown of workers who might not be eligible for these benefits. Plus, it includes insights into eligibility for state disability insurance, making it a comprehensive guide to navigating what can often feel like a complex system.

Why This Matters

These updates come at a crucial time, as they aim to clarify and streamline the information available to both employers and employees in California. By keeping these pamphlets current, the State of California ensures that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information about their rights and the benefits available to them. This is all about empowering you with knowledge so you can make informed decisions and understand the protections in place for workers across the state.

What You Should Do Next

For Employers: Make sure you’re distributing these updated pamphlets to your new hires and to employees upon discharge. Keeping your team informed not only complies with state regulations but also builds a transparent and trust-based workplace culture.

For Employees: Take the time to read through these pamphlets when you receive them. They’re packed with valuable information that could significantly impact your working life in California. And remember, knowledge is power—especially when it comes to understanding your rights and the benefits you’re entitled to.

Wrapping Up

These pamphlet updates are more than just paperwork; they’re a reflection of California’s commitment to protecting and informing its workforce. Whether you’re starting a new job or running a business, staying informed about these changes is crucial. After all, a well-informed workforce is the backbone of a thriving and fair working environment.


So, let’s welcome these updates with open arms and ensure that we’re all doing our part to keep California’s workforce strong, informed, and protected. Here’s to a bright future for all California employers and employees!


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