Navigating the Wave of State Employment Law Changes

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In the ever-evolving labyrinth of state employment laws, staying updated and ensuring compliance with new changes can feel like an uphill battle. Don’t fret; we’re here to make that climb a little smoother.


This post aims to provide employers and HR professionals with a concise overview of significant upcoming changes to state laws. We’ll be covering an array of subjects, from paid sick and safe leave laws, family and parental leave, to the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana. We’ll also touch on subjects like workplace gun laws, salary history inquiries, unpredictable scheduling, and more.


Let’s jump into the key legislative changes on the horizon:


August 2023: Minnesota and Colorado are paving the way with numerous legal modifications. Minnesota is amending the definition of race under its Human Rights Act and legalizing recreational marijuana use with protections for off-duty use. Colorado is amending anti-discrimination laws and expanding the permitted use of paid sick leave. Additionally, Oregon employees will be able to apply for paid family leave benefits.


September 2023: New York introduces a statewide pay disclosure law, and Texas bans race-based hair discrimination.


October 2023: Connecticut extends paid sick leave use for service workers, and Maryland introduces a new noncompete earnings threshold.


December 2023: Colorado mandates EITC notification.


2024: A flurry of activity, including California protecting off-duty use of cannabis, Colorado introducing paid family leave benefits, and Illinois and Maryland bringing in extensive changes to paid leave and equal pay laws.


2025: Delaware and Maine are working towards implementing paid family and medical leave programs.


2026: Delaware, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota will see the benefits of their paid family and medical leave contributions come into effect.


Recent Changes


July 2023 Review: Major changes have recently taken effect in Minnesota, Bloomington, D.C., Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington.


COVID-19-Related Changes: Laws regarding COVID-19-related leaves and vaccine mandates have seen changes in states like New York, Nevada, Cook County, Illinois, and Philadelphia.


What to Watch: Keep an eye on the New York State Assembly, which recently passed a complete ban on noncompetes, pending Governor Hochul’s signature.


Conclusion: Sailing Through the Legislative Sea


While staying abreast of every law change may seem daunting, knowing what’s on the horizon empowers you to prepare and maintain compliant practices. This comprehensive digest is your captain navigating through the complex sea of legislative updates.


As we steer through the waves of changes, remember, adapting to these shifts isn’t just about staying compliant—it’s about fostering an informed, fair, and supportive working environment. So, keep sailing ahead with knowledge and vigilance, and you’ll be well-equipped to weather any legislative storm.

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