• You are the SLASH. HR/Payroll/AR/AP/Therapist/Babysitter/Janitor...etc.
  • You were volun-told into many - if not most - of your duties.
  • Your HR training has consisted of "this is how we have always done it." 
  • The policies and procedures you inherited are mostly based on tradition as opposed to written and reliable.
  • You purchased access to a website for HR help and discovered most things you need, like a Handbook Creator or Job Description Writer, are actually an additional charge.
  • You called for support only to find the representative repeating exactly what you found earlier on Google. Oh, and you are limited to only 2 calls per month AND they will not put anything in writing!
  • Big Boss asks tough questions and makes demands that sometimes feel a little off but you have no idea how to get the backup you need to state your position and gain credibility.
  • You are often left feeling unconfident, over-worked, and just plain stressed.
  • You could really use a research assistant or technical writer to ease the workload.

If this does sound familiar, then you know what a minefield it can be trying to get quality HR support. We have the essential training and support you need to keep up with the ongoing changes to the law and maintain solid HR compliance.

Why We Started HelpDesk for HR

We understand the daily struggle employers and human resources professionals face when working to maintain employment law compliance. As you can see below, most HR pros don't feel super confident in their skills. Because of that, we created our program to help HR newcomers, professionals, and everyone in between. You can feel so much more confident in your position knowing we'll be there to guide you through the process of becoming Audit-Secure™. 

100% Confident

Of HR Pros surveyed

75% Confident

Of HR Pros surveyed

50% Confident

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Less than 50% Confident

Of HR Pros surveyed

Let us introduce you to your HelpDesk for HR:

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Monday-Friday Unlimited Email HR Support

No Question is Too Big Or Small Ask us any HR or payroll-related questions you have. Our SPHR / SCP Certified team of professionals will have the answers for you - the same day!

The Vault

The Vault is your ever-expanding HR knowledgebase. We have stored 20+ years of HR experience in The Vault because when you find HR resources that are accurate, up-to-date, and helpful, you want to keep them secure. - so you can be Audit-Secure!


Enjoy access to hundreds of hours of training videos, audio recordings, and ebooks. The smart HR professional never stops learning.

A Community of Like-minded Professionals

Have a quick question you need answered? Want to share a crazy HR story? Looking for a certification study group? Whatever the case may be, our community of HR pros is there to help. Our community is private, only available to HelpDesk for HR members, and monitored to make sure everything is kept civil and supportive.

The HelpDesk for HR Poster Club

Poster laws can be a ticky-tacky issue that can easily land you with a few thousand dollars in fines when your compliance program is not managed on a monthly basis. We update our federal, state, and local posters at the beginning of every month. Just print and post OR download and email the most current posters to your remote employees.

Multiple Applications, One Goal

Over the last few years, we've developed many tools that make the lives of our members much easier by getting them home on time and helping them to Be Audit-Secure. Our apps include... The Employee Handbook Creator, Interview Question Writer, Job Description Writer, Calculators, Performance Evaluation Center, Interactive Process, SOP Writer, Salary FInder, and our Forms & Documents Library.

Do HR Like a Boss!

Some call these Calls "office hours". But, we want our members to crush HR so we developed Boss Calls to help you do HR Like a Boss! Our Bosses meet virtually 24 times a year to discuss the hot topics of the day with our resident expert, Lisa Smith, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and her guest experts. Lisa is not only a high-level certified HR professional of 20+ years, but she is also an EEOC Certified Investigator who is ready to share her vast knowledge and experience with you.

Start feeling more confident - Just like our customers!

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The Help Desk Support and Lisa Smith have been so awesome! It's already paid for it's self with one question answered and believe me I 'm going to have a ton more! Thank you !

-Tammera H
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There is nothing 5 stars 10 stars 1000 stars can express how grateful we are . Being a company of such number of employees finding resources is hard, and you are always there, available every time I need you. I commend your efforts now in such a time when we have needed you the most...I will totally not forget your commitment to us now in this difficult times....I will forever support your business as much as it is possible for us.

-Lissette S.
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I can not express enough the value "be audit secure" and the staff have brought to our company. If you have ever thought of joining this wonderful company, now is the time to invest. Even in this down turn. Money best spent this year. Thank you again for all your support.

-Vicky C
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Meet the Team

We are, first and foremost, a team of well trained & certified HR, payroll and I.T. pros. But we're also family. Though we didn't start out as a family business, our career paths all led us to an idea that just made sense. With decades of training and experience under everyone's belt, we've managed to build a company that we're all extremely proud of, and that our customers can be confident in.

Who We're here to Help

  • HR / Payroll or any other manager with multiple responsibilities who are overwhelmed with tasks with which they have been volun-told
  • Business owners that want to keep their company's actions above-board and secure
  • Office managers who have been assigned HR duties with little or no training
  • Anyone who is willing to put in the effort to learn proper HR procedures and implement them

Who We Can't Help

  • People who are looking for a quick-fix solution to their HR problems 
  • Businesses who just want to "look good on paper" without making real, beneficial changes to their HR systems
  • Companies looking for legal advice but refuse to hire an attorney

Expertly Crafted Products & Services Made With You In Mind

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Our services will be launching at the beginning of February, 2021.

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