Attention Employees: Abuse is coming to a workplace near you!

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In recent months, the world has been made well aware of the abusive conduct of some well-known NFL players; Adrian Peterson (of the Minnesota Vikings) and Ray Rice (of the Baltimore Ravens) have been the most visible. On the football field – their workplace- abusive conduct and tendencies are a mandate of the position they were hired to fulfill. The aggressive and highly charged performances they are required to give every week are entertaining, draw big crowds and praised by their employers.

However, this very conduct, when brought into a more normal work environment, is extremely unacceptable. No sane employer would support an employee who hits his wife or abuses his kids. An employer with a conscience would remove the threat from the workplace. The fact that some employers have missed is that abusive personalities, like Rice and Peterson, don’t check their behavior at the door. They bring their behavior and tendencies into the workplace—your workplace.


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