Attention HR Consultants: Elevate Your HR Consulting Business in 2024

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Are you an HR consultant ready to scale your business, polish your skills, and network with an elite group of professionals?

Yes? Cool!

The HR Consultants Masterbuilder Group is your ultimate solution.


Why Trust The HR Consultants Masterbuilder Group?

When you think of expertise, resilience, and unparalleled industry knowledge, Lisa Smith immediately comes to mind. Here’s why:

  1. A Decade of Excellence: Lisa Smith, SPHR, SCP, isn’t new to the game. With 20+ years under her belt, she has built a robust HR consulting business. Her expansive client network, stretching across every state and Washington DC, speaks volumes about her credibility.
  2. Survivor of “The Great Pivot”: The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges, and many businesses crumbled. Not Lisa’s. She went through what she lovingly terms as “The Great Pivot”. The switch from live training to adapting to the digital shift wasn’t easy, but the lessons she acquired were pure gold. By joining this group, you’re not just learning from a consultant; you’re learning from a fighter and a strategist.
  3. Access to Industry Titans: Over the years, Lisa’s unmatched commitment to excellence has allowed her to rub shoulders with the top consultants across various sectors. She brings this network to the Masterbuilder Group. Each month, you’ll get insights directly from these guest expert speakers – individuals who are at the top of their respective fields.
  4. A Track Record of Real Results: Past performance is often a strong indicator of future results. Lisa’s thriving business, even in the face of a global pandemic, showcases her resilience, adaptability, and expertise. It’s this treasure trove of experience that she’s sharing with Masterbuilder Group members.
  5. Personal Commitment: Lisa’s heart and soul are invested in this. It’s not just a group; it’s her decade-long journey packed into actionable lessons. She’s not just teaching; she’s sharing her life’s work.


In a world filled with uncertainty, Lisa Smith and her team stand as a beacon of reliability and trust. By investing in the HR Consultants Masterbuilder Group, you’re not just joining a program. You’re aligning yourself with a legacy of excellence, adaptability, and success.


Membership Has It’s Privileges!


Unparalleled HR Knowledge and Support

Dive deep with 24/7 access to our top-tier HDHR tools & training. Plus, have an open channel with us anytime you’re faced with a challenging HR scenario. Let’s solve it together. (Value: $899 – Priceless!)


Unlimited Access to Seminars and Webinars

You will have access to all live seminars and webinars – Boss Calls™ – which cover topics addressing the most common HR issues and hot topics. This continuing education is approved by HRCI and SHRM. open to the public, and includes replays if you cannot attend live. ($500+ value)


Laser-Focused Business Building

Our weekly group sessions and bi-monthly personalized meetings are designed to hone in on your goals and accelerate your growth. Each week we’ll have a 90-minute group call to work on goalsetting and execution. ($7200 value)

We’ll also have one monthly 60-minute 1:1 call to address your specific consulting business challenges. ($4800 value)


An Elite Peer Group

Rub shoulders with the best in the business and gain invaluable insights from industry-leading guest experts.


HR Certification Exam Prep

Our comprehensive HRCI-approved on-demand prep course and bootcamp are included (a $648 value) to help you ace your exam.


Webpage and App Creation

Elevate your online presence and tap into new revenue streams with our free website offering and exclusive app creation deals. Get a FREE one-page website ($500 value) and discounted rates on a custom website and app creation to elevate your brand. Become an affiliate or white-label HDHR applications to boost your revenue.


📆 Kickstart Your Transformation on January 8th, 2024 📆


Exclusive Offer Alert!

Grab our EARLY registration deal for just $5,000 (valued at $14,047) till midnight on December 1st!

Missed the deadline? No worries! Secure your spot later for $6,000 or choose our FLEX PAY option.


🔥 Spaces are limited! Only 20 seats are available for an intimate, high-impact coaching experience. 🔥


Ready to redefine success and pioneer your HR consulting journey in 2024? It’s not just about building a business; it’s about mastering your craft.


Join Today


Transform. Elevate. Masterbuild.

Lisa Smith, SPHR, SHRM – SCP

Certified EEO Investigator (EEOC)

Lead Support and Content Chief – HelpDeskforHR.com

“You cannot be audit-proof, but you can Be Audit-Secure.”

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