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WARNING - This page is NOT for Lazy HR managers

I’m glad you’re still with me on this journey to improve your HR compliance.

We’ve seen several mistakes people make when they’re trying to manage the HR side of the business.

Next, we’re going to talk about ways to overcome those mistakes.

I have a team of people around me and together we’ve created a pool of resources and helpful services that make this a breeze.

And I’m going to show you how to use all of it on this page...


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Now, let's solve some issues...

In the last few pages we looked at 3 common issues HR managers deal with which where: 

  • Poorly made job descriptions
  • What do we do with these I-9's?
  • Understanding the QETP and the unusual things that spark audits

We’re going to look at our system and how we’ll help you overcome these issues and many others. 

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We’ll start with...

Those Pesky Job Descriptions

So, what’s the solution?

Well, I’ll let you take a peek behind the wall on our site and I’ll tell you…it depends a LOT on the state and situation which is why inside our section called “Employment Laws by State”, we don’t have one chart dedicated to state laws. We have SEVERAL.

Like I mentioned in one of the videos, things like the ADA can change the game when you’re terminating an employee.

Even being “at-will” doesn’t REALLY mean what you think it means in many cases.

So, we have to think outside the box.


You’re going to use our employee handbook creator & our job description writer to make sure you’re up-to-date with all of the information you’re providing your employees. Having employees sign updated forms acknowledging they understand any changes along the way is recommended. A “paper trail” is often your friend.


Using our “employment laws by state” categories, you’re able to go through and make sure you’re not violating any employee rights, because that  answer can depend on what state, county, or city in which the employee works. That’s why we’ve got thousands of up-to-date items you can review to get the correct answer.


Just send me an email and I’ll send you an answer within 24 hours (probably sooner).


Just ask one of the hundreds of our members (that are also HR professionals) in our private Facebook group. We keep this group just for HelpDeskforHR.com members only.

Next we’ll look at ways to make sure you have...

The right answers for those pesky auditors or investigators (like me).

Like I mentioned before, telling an auditor that you’re doing things “the way it’s always been done” isn’t going to get you very far and probably will destroy your hopes of Safe Harbor.

  • You need up-to-date information so you know what changes must be made and why.
  • You need to UPDATE your information job descriptions, your employee handbook, and more.

We specifically talked about the I-9 as one big example of keeping info up-to-date, but there’s so much more you need to remember. 

I’m sure you’ve been to a search engine like Google or Bing and looked for a regulation or law only to find a 3-year-old page and think to yourself “is that information still relevant?”

I could advise you to read complicated legal statutes in the Federal Register…

…Or you could just check out the resources I made to keep all my ducks in a row at HelpDeskforHR.com

We’ve got super simple solutions to every audit question, including step-by-step guides on preparing for an audit.

You’ll also be able to find current copies of every hiring form you’ll need for employee onboarding. 

If you look and cannot find what you need, just tell us and we will make it for you at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

I won’t sit here and tell you that this service will make you an HR ace overnight because you’ve gotta put in the work.

What I can tell you is it’ll give you a place where everyone knows what you’re going through and where you can get you the answers to your specific questions and concerns.

Let's discuss the third requirement and solution every HR pro must embrace.

Understanding the Realities, Rules, and Risks will also help you to
Be Audit-Secure™.

Consider the example I gave in the QETP video. This case was a great example of Realities of the workplace and human error, Rules like the QETP, and the Risks involved when the two collide.

But, here is the thing… 

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know … Until You Know. Ya’ know?

The biggest benefit of HelpDeskforHR.com is having a team of professional, credentialed, and “in-the-know” HR research geeks in your corner – right at your fingertips. 

Our Vault of carefully curated and continuously updated information, forms, documents, sample policies, procedures, and 8 professionally designed applications are all here, ready, and waiting to give you the head-start you need to bring your organization into compliance.

I hope you find these tools and resources useful and can now see why you must utilize them in your daily work routine.

Now that you’ve seen these various mistakes and improvement techniques… you need to know something.

There’s a lot more under the surface.

You probably could have guessed that, but I needed to say it because it’s very important. This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg and we want and need more people like you in our community.

We need people who actually CARE about learning the proper way to do HR.  (Like a Boss!)

We need people who WANT to further their career and be a part of something great.

Whether other people see it or not, as HR managers, we KNOW that what we do changes lives.

Our #1 job as HR professionals is to protect the company and we understand the weight of that responsibility.

And there are never EVER enough hours in the day.

At HelpDeskforHR.com, we help protect companies and we help HR pros when they’re feeling a lack of confidence in the heavy decisions they must make. 

We help you know what you don’t know. 

We provide you with the shortcuts and tools that give you back the hours of your day previously lost.

We get you home at 5 (or so) and allow you to exhale and enjoy your evenings and weekends  - or at least not spend them making job descriptions, policies, or wading through government websites. The enjoyment part is on you. 😊

What I am trying to say is: You are busy and stressed and We are here to Help!

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