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We're excited that you are interested in our services! We think our site -  HelpDeskforHR.com - is going to make life easier for a lot of HR Pros.
You can read below about what's included and watch the above video to see what our members get access to and how it works!

Live Web Calls and Conversations

Introducing "Boss Calls" – our exclusive live web calls and conversations designed to help you excel in HR! Unlike typical "office hours," Boss Calls empower you to tackle the hottest HR topics head-on. Join our community of leaders as they meet virtually 24 times a year to share insights and strategies. These sessions are also available individually for $89-$99, but with a membership, you get access to all of them – a $499 annual value included at no extra cost. Learn enough from this feature alone to justify your membership investment and take your HR skills to the next level.

Curated Content HR Vault

The Vault – your comprehensive and ever-expanding HR knowledgebase. With over 20 years of HR experience stored in The Vault, you can trust that our resources are accurate, up-to-date, and invaluable. Secure access to this treasure trove ensures you are always Audit-Secure! Valued at $499 per year, this essential resource is included with your membership at no additional cost.

Proprietary HR Applications

Proprietary HR Applications – multiple tools with one goal: to simplify your life and ensure you are always Audit-Secure. Developed over the past few years, these applications are designed to help you get home on time and streamline your HR tasks. Our suite of apps includes the Employee Handbook Creator, Interview Question Writer, Job Description Writer, Calculators, Performance Evaluation Center, Interactive Process, SOP Writer, Salary Finder, and our comprehensive Forms & Documents Library. Valued at $699 per year, these powerful tools are included with your membership at no additional cost.

HR Email Support

Enjoy unlimited email HR support, available Monday through Friday. No question is too big or too small – ask us any HR or payroll-related queries, and our SPHR/SCP Certified team of professionals will provide you with same-day answers. This invaluable service, valued at $499 per year, is included in your membership at no extra cost.

E Learning and Training

LEARN > UNLEARN > RELEARN with our extensive e-learning and training resources. Gain access to hundreds of hours of training videos, audio recordings, and ebooks. As a smart HR professional, continuous learning is key. Valued at $299 per year, this comprehensive educational resource is included in your membership at no additional cost.

Facebook Community

Join our exclusive Facebook community of like-minded HR professionals! Whether you have a quick question, want to share a crazy HR story, or are looking for a certification study group, our supportive and private community is here for you. Available only to HelpDesk for HR members, this space is carefully monitored to ensure a civil and encouraging environment. Value: Priceless.

Helpdesk for HR Mobile App

Discover the HelpDesk for HR Mobile App – your ultimate on-the-go HR solution! This app is packed with features designed to save you time and keep you informed. Easily send all your HR-related questions using the in-app support function and stay updated with our Alerts section. Enable push notifications to never miss an important update. Access our extensive forms and documents, policies, and procedures library right from your mobile device, and bookmark any documents you want to keep handy. Read our blog posts directly within the app and catch up on any missed Boss Calls with our Boss Calls library. Stay connected and efficient wherever you are!

Federal, County, City and State Posters

The HelpDesk for HR Poster Club and avoid costly compliance fines! Poster laws can be tricky, but our club ensures your compliance program is always up to date. We provide the latest federal, state, and local posters at the beginning of every month. Simply print and post, or download and email the most current posters to your remote employees. This service covers all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. Valued at $499 per year, this essential compliance tool is included in your membership at no extra cost.

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