DOL Issues Davis-Bacon Wage Determination Conformance Request Guide

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Hey Compliance Warriors!

Today the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division published a new resource for stakeholders in the construction contracting community: the Davis-Bacon Wage Determination Conformance Request Guide.


The Wage and Hour Division Davis-Bacon Wage Determination Conformance Request Guide details the information and construction types contained in wage determinations and provides additional clarity regarding the limited circumstances in which contractors and contracting agencies may need to request a new class of laborer or mechanic be added to a published wage determination for a specific contract. The Guide also contains other useful resources to help construction contractors and contracting agencies comply with the requirements of the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts.


For more information about the Davis-Bacon and Related Acts or other laws it enforces, visit the Wage and Hour Division website, or call toll-free 1-866-4US-WAGE.


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