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Greetings, Compliance Warriors!


We’re thrilled to announce an exciting update to our HelpDesk for HR mobile app, designed to elevate your HR experience and empower you with even more on-the-go capabilities.


Small Business Spoonfuls Podcast Anytime, Anywhere!

One of the highlights of our recent update is the integration of the Small Business Spoonfuls podcast directly into the mobile app. Now, you can stay informed by listening our podcast seamlessly within the HelpDesk for HR app. Whether you’re commuting or taking a break, our podcast feature keeps you connected to valuable HR knowledge.


State-by-State Compliance Posters at Your Fingertips!

In our commitment to providing comprehensive HR resources, we’ve made state-by-state compliance posters readily accessible through the app. Easily search and download the posters you need to ensure your HR practices align with local regulations. Stay compliant effortlessly with the HelpDesk for HR app.


More Than Just an Update – Your All-in-One HR Solution!

The HelpDesk for HR Mobile App is more than just a tool; it’s your comprehensive HR companion.

Here’s a quick rundown of the existing features that make it a must-download:

  • In-App Support: Have HR-related questions? Send them through our in-app support function for quick assistance.
  • Alerts Section: Stay up-to-date with the latest HR developments by checking our Alerts section. Enable push notifications for instant updates.
  • Forms and Documents: Access a library of forms, documents, and policies right from your mobile device. Bookmark essential items for easy reference.
  • Blog Integration: Keep your HR knowledge sharp by reading our blog posts directly from the app.
  • Boss Calls Library: Missed a Boss Call or need to review past sessions? Our Boss Calls library lets you access replays on the go.


Download Now on Apple App Store and Google Play!

Ready to revolutionize your HR workflow? Download the HelpDesk for HR Mobile App now! Click the links below to get started:


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Stay ahead in HR with HelpDesk for HR – Your On-the-Go HR Solution!

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