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We're excited that you are becoming a part of our HR family! 

HelpDeskforHR.com is going to make life easier for you and help you to Be Audit-Secure™!

You can read below about what's included and watch the video to see our members-only resources.


1. Scroll down and enter in all of your information.

2. When you get to HAVE A COUPON?, click the link and a box will open. Enter your coupon code exactly as provided and you will see the price change to FREE for 365 Days.

3. Agree to the Terms of Service and click REGISTER NOW.


Live Web Calls and Conversations

Do HR Like a Boss! Some call these Calls "office hours". But, we want our members to crush HR so we developed Boss Calls to help you do HR Like a Boss! Our Bosses meet virtually 24 times a year to discuss the hot topics of the day. We sell them individually too, usually for $89-$99. You will learn enough from this feature alone to cover your purchase price.
Value $499 year. Included in membership.

Curated Content HR Vault

The Vault is your ever-expanding HR knowledgebase. We have stored 20+ years of HR experience in The Vault because when you find HR resources that are accurate, up-to-date, and helpful, you want to keep them secure. - so you can be Audit-Secure!
Value $499 year. Included in membership.

Proprietary HR Applications

Multiple Applications, One Goal. Over the last few years, we've developed many tools that make the lives of our members much easier by getting them home on time and helping them to Be Audit-Secure. Our apps include... The Employee Handbook Creator, Interview Question Writer, Job Description Writer, Calculators, Performance Evaluation Center, Interactive Process, SOP Writer, Salary Finder, and our Forms & Documents Library. Value $699 year. Included in membership.

HR Email Support

Monday-Friday Unlimited Email HR Support. No Question is Too Big Or Small Ask us any HR or payroll-related questions you have. Our SPHR / SCP Certified team of professionals will have the answers for you - the same day! Value $499 year. Included in membership.

E Learning and Training

LEARN > UNLEARN > RELEARN. Enjoy access to hundreds of hours of training videos, audio recordings, and ebooks. The smart HR professional never stops learning. Value $299 year. Included in membership.

Facebook Community

A Community of Like-minded Professionals. Have a quick question you need to be answered. Want to share a crazy HR story? Looking for a certification study group? Whatever the case may be, our community of HR pros is there to help. Our community is private, only available to HelpDesk for HR members, and monitored to make sure everything is kept civil and supportive.
Value: Priceless

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