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Elevate Your Employee Evaluations to the Next Level


Redefining Performance Reviews for the Modern Small and Medium-Sized Business (SMB)

In today’s dynamic corporate landscape, streamlining employee evaluations can be challenging for SMBs. Navigating through evaluations, talent retention, and continuous development shouldn’t be a daunting task. With the Performance Evaluation Center (PEC), you gain a comprehensive solution to revolutionize your evaluation processes.


The PEC Advantage


  1. Swift and Seamless Onboarding:
    • Say goodbye to the days of laborious manual entries. Use our custom CSV template to swiftly onboard your entire team without hitches.
  2. Tailored Review Mechanisms:
    • Choose from our expertly crafted predesigned review frameworks or harness the freedom to design evaluations that resonate with your company’s distinct ethos.
  3. Holistic Evaluation Suite:
    • Whether it’s 360 Reviews, Upward Feedback, or Employee Self-evaluations, our platform gives you a comprehensive perspective of your employee dynamics. Delve into insights, celebrate strengths, and strategically address areas of growth.
  4. Empower Talent Progression:
    • PEC goes beyond mere evaluations—it fosters growth. Our Performance Improvement Plans are meticulously designed to nurture your talent, eliminating the costs and challenges of rehiring and retraining.
  5. Effortless Review Management:
    • Dispatch reviews, collate feedback, and monitor progress seamlessly. PEC’s intuitive platform gracefully manages feedback from myriad reviewers, making your life simpler.
  6. Actionable, Data-Driven Insights:
    • Equip yourself with our robust reporting tools. Analyze average ratings, gain insights from particular reviewers, and understand your team’s performance dynamics at a single glance.
  7. Clear and Value-Packed Pricing:
    • We stand for transparent and value-packed offerings. No concealed costs. Our inflation-friendly pricing, of just $599, not only gives you access to PEC’s complete suite but also includes permissions for up to 5 admins. Ultimate value, unparalleled features.


Join the PEC Revolution

We invite you to experience the transformation PEC brings to employee evaluations. Forward-thinking companies across the nation have already upgraded their review process. Now, it’s your turn.


Optimize performance reviews. Nurture and elevate your workforce. Experience the PEC difference today.



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